Caricature for Wedding Reception

You most probably came across caricatures in magazines or newspapers, and they’re most probably that of a politician or celebrity. Caricatures poke fun of these famous people by exaggerating their features, for instance, a big nose, curly hair, or what have you. 

This shouldn’t surprise anybody who knows their history, though, as caricatures were invented around the 1600 by satirists. Making fun of people through exaggeration is what satirists do. 

Today, caricatures are still used as a comedic device to bring people together through humor. And, they’re scope of influence goes beyond print publications. Now, you’ll find caricaturists at birthday parties and corporate events.  

However, “caricature” and “wedding” are two terms that you might not have thought belonged together. Well, caricatures for wedding favors have been around for years and have only become increasingly popular. 

Assuming your guests are fun-loving people and appreciate unique stuff, then hiring a wedding caricature artist and having a caricaturist doing live caricatures during your wedding reception is an idea you should totally consider. Or, you can find one who’s keen on emphasizing your guest’s beauty and unique features instead. Either way, you’ll all have a one-of-a-kind souvenir to remind you and your guests of all the fun and special memories you had at the wedding reception.

Why Choose Caricature for Your Wedding Reception

There are tons of things that need to be taken care of for the big day. From the dress to the venue to the food to the entertainment to the favors. Your checklist is a long one. 

Why not pick an option that allows you to hit two birds with one stone? Having a caricaturist doing live caricatures during your wedding reception can both provide your guests a memorable keepsake as well as engaging entertainment and more.

Unique wedding favor

Caricatures can be a special wedding favor your guests can take home to remember the happy event by. “I loved the idea and mine hung on my fridge until I moved recently,” a wedding guest shared over at the WeddingWire forum.

Engaging entertainment for all ages

Weddings are usually a time for family and friends to gather and celebrate a joyous occasion. So, there will be adults as well as children running around the place and looking to have some fun. 

With a caricaturist around, everyone can watch how a caricature is made from start to finish. The comedic drawings will keep people laughing and talking all throughout the event, keeping the guests’ spirits high. 

The caricaturist can keep the guests preoccupied as the wedding organizers prepare for the next part of the event. And, they can be very engaging, talking to people even while they’re doing their job. You can ask them questions or just strike up a conversation with them anytime. 

A fun ice breaker

Caricatures can liven up a serious affair or, you know, break the ice so people can become relaxed and comfortable. The caricaturist can encourage an atmosphere of fun and positivity, plus the caricatures can become topics of conversation among the guests who will most probably compare each others’ caricature and have a good laugh about it. 

In addition, having a caricaturist around during room changeover helps keep your guests entertained. Or, it can provide an entertaining break from dancing and socializing as this Redditor experienced: “I recently went to a wedding that had one! … it was another thing to do during the cocktail hour/reception in case you needed a break from dancing or socializing. I thought it was fun!”

Fits any theme

A caricature can fit your wedding theme, whatever that might be. As caricaturists work in different styles, such as realistic, cartoonish or personalized, they can match you theme. If they’re doing colored caricatures, they can match your wedding’s color scheme too. 

Suits any venue

With tools and equipment that are easy to transport and set up, caricaturists can work in both indoor and outdoor wedding reception venues.  

How Much Will Caricatures for Wedding Reception Cost?

That depends on how many guests you’re expecting at your wedding reception and for how long you want the caricaturist to be there. 

Number of guests

If you have an intimate wedding, with 30 guests or fewer, the caricaturist will most likely have enough time to draw all of them. However, note that not everyone will want a caricature. So, it’s highly possible that about 60% or thereabouts of your wedding guests will want a caricature, and you should base your costing on that number. 

Caricaturist rate

Generally, fees vary from one caricaturist to another based on their style, experience, and the medium they use. The cost can range from $125 to $250 or more per hour. Some have a minimum number of hours required for booking, say two or three hours. 

Calculating the cost

Most caricaturists can draw a black-and-white face within 5 minutes and a colored caricature in double that time. So, in an hour, they can create 10 to 15 black-and-white caricatures and more than 5 colored caricatures. 

Example calculation

Say you have 50 wedding guests. Sixty percent of that would be 30. If you’re booking a caricaturist for black-and-white caricatures, you should book for two to three hours, depending on how fast he/she works. For colored caricatures, consider hiring two caricaturists to share the load. 

How to Find the Perfect Caricaturist for Your Wedding Reception

Ask around. Talk to your family and friends to see if they have any recommendations. Or, search online.

Once you find a few, take a look at their portfolio or previous work to check if their style is what you’re looking for. Read their customer’s reviews to determine if they’re also able to entertain guests while they draw. 

You can also reach out to them to ask about their previous experience. It’s best if you can call them so you have a good grasp of whether or not they understand your vision and if they’re confident that they can deliver. You can also use this time to gauge if they’re a good communicator, which might be a positive indicator that they can entertain your wedding guests on the big day.

Caricature for Wedding Reception

In conclusion. once you’ve decided on the caricature artist, book well before your wedding reception date. Also ask about their equipment and setup requirements. You’ll want everything to be seamless on the day of the wedding. 

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